Getting out of debt by building your own marketing business

People all over the world have debt, however there are two groups of people who deal with it in very different ways

  • 1. Those that get themselves out of it off their own back
  • 2. Those who go through life just complacently thinking there is nothing they can do When talking with people about their debt I hear excuses all the time from, “But what can I do?” to “I have no skills…” The people who make these excuses are obviously part of that second group. The people in the first group are likely off elsewhere, selling someone an angle of something that is helping them obtain their financial freedom. How you ask? By running their very own marketing business. And if you identify with that first group, you too can get out from under your own debt by building your own marketing business.

What Is Marketing

Marketing goes on every day, everywhere. From the time you wake up and hear the news to the time you lay your head back down on the branded pillows, covered with a branded pillow slip. Most people have no idea marketing is literally the most well-known, yet at the same time unknown, business people don’t talk about. Not because it’s taboo, but because the people making bucket loads of cash don’t want to share their secrets of how they’ve achieved financial bliss.

What Can I Market?

What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself before you figure out what type of marketing you can do. Perhaps you’ve recently got on top of your finances and consolidated your debt, documenting it all for others in a blog. Start from there. Reach out to companies that you wrote about or featured. Show them your work, how people love reading your story, watching your video updates, etc. That is marketing. Ask the companies if they want to work with you or employ your services to help get one of their products more talked about in the public realm.

Maybe you’re more of an outdoorsy person who likes marathons, riding and other sports that involve the wind blowing through your hair. Do you already print off flyers and stick them to lamp posts or hand them out when attending these sporting events? That is marketing. You’re already doing it!

Are you teaching a yoga class for senior citizens? You know those mats you roll about on and that nature music you play? That’s marketing!

How Can I Start My Own Marketing Business

Approach these companies for products or services you already use. If you have a good plan in place or are already freely spreading the word about their products and services (they pay millions of dollars a year to marketing teams for) then chances are they want to work with you. Make sure you have a business name and write up with a contract that benefits you both. Then after you both agree on a reasonable price, sign the contract. Now get to work doing what you’re already good at, marketing, and watch as the money comes pouring in. You’ll kick yourself for not having done it sooner!

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